Reduce risk through orchestration

Embrace change & eliminate unknows through infrastructure automation and service orchestration.


What we do

NetEdge helps you automate your infrastructure. Automation will allow your team to shift focus from repetitive manual tasks to providing value to the business. We'll automate your existing footprint and act as a trusted advisor when a refresh or expansion is due.

These automated processes then become the cornerstones for devops, self-provisioning and becoming a truly software-defined IT organisation.

Our process

Quick wins

When we first start out working with a new client we often find that their path towards automation is more of a vicious circle. The daily churn tends to get in the way of automating the daily churn. So in a first phase of our collaboration we prefer to work on some of those "quick wins".

This will not only allow us to get better acquainted with your business processes, we'll help reduce your backlog of daily tasks so we can focus on the bigger picture together. 

Complex tasks

Every organization has these long, treacherous and barely understood procedures that are only run once in a while. Think disaster recovery testing, database maintenance tasks, new infrastructure turn-up, etc.. At NetEdge we like to automate those complex processes early on.

Making sure those complex tasks are fully automated immediately reduces the overall risk to the IT stack. 

Strategic design

With a good grip on the daily (and monthly) operations we can now sit together and make long term design choices. In this step we'll map technology decisions with the long-term organizational goals.


Once automated processes are in place, we can start to work on true business process orchestration. Self-service, API exposure to other parts of the business and integrated fault management are all within the realm of posibilities!

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Core competencies

NetEdge will work with any infrastructure you have. As long as it has some sort of API, we'll talk to it. These are just some of the platforms and vedors we've worked with.